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Stillorgan Stoves and Fireplaces provide a dedicated insert stove installation Dublin service

Insert Stove Installation Dublin

If you've got a fireplace in your home, you probably already know that it's not the most energy-efficient way to heat your home. But what if we told you that by installing an insert stove into your existing fireplace opening, you could reduce your carbon footprint and increase the efficiency of your fire?


If you're like most people, when you think of stoves, you think of large, cumbersome appliances with complicated installation processes and high costs. And while that used to be true, it doesn't have to be anymore. Stillorgan Stoves and Fireplaces has created a simple installation process that allows homeowners to easily install an efficient wood-burning stove into their existing fireplaces without compromising their interior design or incurring heavy costs.


Our team will ensure that all regulations are met during installation and will also carry out a full safety check of your property before and after installation. We offer free quotations for our services with no obligation required at this stage.


Call us today or fill in our contact form below and one of our team will be in touch to organise a home visit to review and discuss the right insert stove for your home.

Need help installing insert stoves in your home? Get in touch with us

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking to organise an insert stove installation. What catchment area does your team operate in?

The insert stove installation team at Stillorgan Stoves and Fireplaces are available to serve clients in Dublin, Bray and Enniskerry. Contact our team to organise a home visit.

Can you help me choose the best wood-burning stove insert for my home?

Yes. We are always available to provide expert advice and guidance on which appliances are best suited to your style of property and requirements. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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