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Feature Wall Design & Installation

Feature wall design is a new concept which combines your TV and fireplace while also providing a great way to conceal cables.


The majority of feature walls that we install, feature an electric fire in landscape format. We build out a stud wall in the room with a recess designed for any type of inset electric fire to suit your individual room. From square designs that offer a taller flame picture, to extra wide fires up to two metres in length which boast an incredible, panoramic flame view.


We can then build a custom recess into the stud wall to accommodate your own flat-screen television so that the face of the TV sits flush with the face of the wall creating a stylish finish.


In addition to the TV recess, we can build alcoves within the fake chimney breast to display ornaments or to house media boxes, etc. Many homeowners opt for ambient LED lighting which can even be illuminated in conjunction with the fire for a wonderful, contemporary feature.


You can opt for a simple plaster finish allowing you to paint or wallpaper the stud wall. Tiling the stud wall looks great and allows you to add extra depth to the media wall, or for the adventurous, Venetian plastering is now very popular and allows you to choose from an extensive range of custom finishes including marble effect, concrete, metallic and textured finish.


You can enhance any room with a feature Wall and electric fire combination.

No chimney or flue is required, making them a welcome addition in main living rooms, dining rooms, extensions, conservatories and even bedrooms!

Tailor the design to your exact requirements and enjoy a contemporary centrepiece where the television doesn't need to compete with the fireplace as the main focal point.


As Dublin’s leading installer of feature walls, Stillorgan Stoves and Fireplaces is familiar with all major fire brands and our team will be happy to advise on the best model to suit your home.


Call us today or fill in our contact form below and one of our team will be in touch to organise a home visit to review and discuss the right feature wall finish for your home.

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